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Kaupapa - Our Purpose


Te Ao Mārama is an organisation of around 100 members, who provide leadership, representation and support to the Māori oral health workforce including clinicians, specialists, health promoters, support staff, researchers, teachers and students. Our membership remains committed to our vision of ‘Hei oranga niho mo te iwi Māori’ – Good Oral health for Māori, for life.

Te Ao Mārama is an important forum for members to showcase and share information about new initiatives that have positive outcomes for Māori oral health. We are also a professional body that acknowledges and celebrates members who are driving positive change, optimizing leadership potential and working towards reducing inequalities in Māori oral health.  

The future work for Te Ao Mārama includes supporting the professional development of the Māori oral health workforce and developing rewarding career pathways, building research capability to conduct significant Māori research projects and working closer with Iwi and Māori communities to ensure the best access possible to the best services available.

Our Vision:
Good Oral health for Māori, for life

Our Outcome:
Māori enjoying good oral health at all ages

Our Purpose:
To provide leadership for Māori in oral health

Our Role:
To advocate on behalf of Māori for improved oral health and to support and develop initiatives that lead to Māori oral health

Our Objectives:

  • Uphold Māori oral health as guaranteed under Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Pursue the delivery of oral health services to Māori at the optimum level
  • Safeguard and promote the oral health of te iwi Māori
  • Promote the opportunity for te iwi Māori to access quality oral health services

Kaupapa Māori values:

  • Manaakitanga: Having respectful intentions and behaviour towards all other
  • Whanaungatanga: Strong links and relationships that support a shared purpose and goals. The ability to develop and maintain relationships that enhance identity and service the community, Iwi, hapu and whanau
  • Pūkengatanga: Respect for on-going education and learning and supporting the development of skills and knowledge from Te Ao Māori and Te Ao Pakeha
  • Wairuatanga: Te Ao Mārama is a wairua-nurturing environment that recognises the importance and value of kaumatua leadership in relation to the spiritual dimension
  • Kotahitanga: Unity of purpose and direction
  • Rangatiratanga: Leadership attributes: Rights and responsibilities; Autonomy
  • Ukaipotanga/ Turangawaewae    : A place (organisation) to belong, where people with common goals and interests have purpose and are important; A place where we gain strength and energy
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