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The oral health discipline is a branch of medicine that involves research, preservation, diagnosis and treatment of a person’s oral health and function. A career in oral health can be challenging, yet rewarding. Providing relief of pain and enabling people to smile are just some of the benefits to a career in oral health.

Working as a clinician in oral health requires clinical competence, ethical behaviour, cultural awareness, and excellent communication, empathy and building a rapport with the patient based on trust. Oral health is continually developing with new evidence based recommendations on the care of patients. Therefore clinicians need continuous professional development to keep current with emerging research and new techniques and technologies.

There are multiple roles within the oral health workforce namely, Dentist, Dental therapist, Dental hygienist, Dental technicians, Dental assistant, Oral Health Promoter, supporting administration. For more information on each profession take a look at Career Pathways.

If you are considering a career in oral health, take a look at the websites listed, they are recommended as good sources of information.

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