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Te Kaiārahi Mentoring Programme

te kaiarahi

Te Kaiārahi (translated ‘the mentor’) mentoring programme was set up in 2011, to help connect current dental students (tauira) with experienced dental clinicians.

Te Kaiārahi aims to provide support and strengthen tauira throughout their undergraduate training and also to give them the opportunity to link up with dental clinicians, to gain knowledge and hands on experience before entering the workforce.

Te Kaiārahi provides mentors and mentees an opportunity to network, develop leadership, provide guidance, learn new skills and experience different clinical settings.  

The idea of a mentoring programme was first discussed at HAT 2009 in response to a request by students for more clinical support from those already in the workforce.

In 2010, the mentoring programme was included into the TeAM strategic plan and a pilot programme carried out for 6 months in 2011. The pilot involved fourteen participants and was proven to be a success with benefits reported from both parties.

The Te Kaiārahi programme grew quickly, with 20 mentors and mentees matched at in 2012.


  • To strengthen Māori dental student undergraduate training
  • To provide Māori dental students with mentoring from Māori and non-Māori clinicians
  • To increase membership and participation with TeAM beyond graduation


  • To provide contact with clinicians already in the workforce
  • To improve knowledge of the workforce environment before entering the workforce
  • To improve the clinical network between students and clinicians


  • Direct communication is to be provided between the mentor and mentee via internet/email/kanohi ki te kanohi
  • Direct communication via a clinical experience where possible for the dental student, based on the individual capacity of the mentor
  • A record of all contact is to be kept by both parties


  • It is important that each mentee and mentor set clear expectations each year
  • A hui kanohi ki te kanohi will be held at each HAT in order for mentors and mentees to meet, discuss expectations and be matched accordingly

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