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Locate a Provider Summary

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The 0800 TALK TEETH/0800 825 583 free phone number is a Ministry of Health initiative which directs inquiries to the appropriate providers all over NZ.

  • If aged between 0 and 12yrs old press 1
  • If between school year 9 and 17yrs of age press 2
  • If you have a general question about teeth and oral health press 3

If there is no relief of pain or low income adult service provided by your DHB phone 0800 TALK TEETH/0800 825 583 to find a contracted private dentist who can provide subsidized emergency dental care.

To find a private dentist go to www.dcnz.org.nz/cgi-bin/searchohp.pl or search the yellow pages www.yellow.co.nz to find a dentist near you.

Check out the Locate a DHB or Māori Oral Health Provider Map for a directory of providers in your area.